4 February 2013

Jabra Halo2 Bluetooth Headset

A Halo Over Your Head  “Jabra wants to put a Halo2 on your head – nope, not an angelic symbol or the popular Xbox game, but a Bluetooth headset. The Halo2 is touted as extremely lightweight and foldable Bluetooth headphones which weigh just 80g and yet offer up to eight hours of music playback. The Halo2 not only supports […]

1 February 2013

Jabra – Pakar Audio Untuk Anda

Kalau sebut nama JABRA, kami yakin memang ramai yang dah kenal akan jenama ini.  Jadi apa yang terbaru daripada mereka adalah JABRA SOLEMATE dan JABRA HALO2. JABRA SOLEMATE (RM699) Ianya adalah pembesar suara Bluetooth mudah alih dengan dwi-fungsi smart dengan bunyi yang meluas untuk dikongsi, penstriman dan mendengar muzik di mana-mana dan bila-bila masa sahaja. […]

17 January 2013

Jabra Solemate Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

By: LiewCF |  Jabra is well known in develops, manufactures and markets wireless and corded headsets. Jabra SOLEMATE is the Jabra’s first wireless portable speaker. Read on for my review of Jabra SOLEMATE multifunctional bluetooth portable speaker.

7 January 2013
Product Review

Jabra Halo 2 LAB Review: A Versatile Headset

“Clarity and convenience are the hallmarks of this Bluetooth headset, writes Ana Korg “ BEAUTIFUL music can be flawed by poor sound delivery. For music lovers, a decent if not superior sound system is instrumental for their listening pleasure. Jabra has put out HALO2, a new device that will enhance your musical experience. The device […]

2 January 2013

Jabra Solemate Portable Speakers Review

By: Tim Chew | So I recently got a new toy to play with. At first when I heard it was a Jabra I was like, “Cool! A new Bluetooth headset!”. I mean that’s what Jabra is famous for right? Then I heard it was a set of portable speakers. Really? From Jabra? Yes indeed! Here’s a […]

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