Jabra Revo and Jabra Vox Bring You Reliable Bluetooth Connectivity, Ultimate Audio Performance and Durability

8 July 2013


 “Jabra has 144 year’s experiences in telecommunication industries. Jabra’s history can be tracked back to a decade ago when Jabra’s Founder established Great Northern Telegraph Company in 1869. Over the next 100 years of continuous endeavors in expanding its business globally, Jabra is now the Global Number 1 Bluetooth Headset brand and won a number of awards for its products in telecommunication industry. Today, Jabra is renowned as a world leader, leading the trends of Bluetooth Headset with its outstanding designs and excellent functions dedicated to the needs of the users.  Jabra is committed to produce Mobile Headsets with higher sound quality and reliable Bluetooth connectivity that ease users’ hustling bustling life.” 

As a global producer of innovative headset and speaker, JABRA has successfully launched many headsets and Bluetooth devices that satisfy their uses in many ways of designs, sound performance and advance functions. JABRA’s mission is to design Bluetooth headset and stereo devices that enable users to gain the full audio experience with all the flexibility and efficiency benefits they expect from mobile devices through enhanced voice collaboration. JABRA is proud to bring the latest range of headsets for mobile music lovers to experience a new dimension of sound performance and enhancing music experience – JABRA REVO CORDED, JABRA REVO WIRELESS and JABRA VOX.


The rapid growth of global smartphones and tablets users has led to a phenomenon where people tend to communicate and play music while on the move. These mobile users spent most of their time in communicating and listening to music wirelessly via Bluetooth connection. JABRA REVO WIRELESS and JABRA REVO CORDED have met these mobile users’ expectation with outstanding sound quality and stylist designs.

To enhance the music quality, JABRA has partnered with Dolby Digital Plus to bring in powerful and mobile sound. The speakers with a hifi frequency sound also produce a sound range well suited for realistic sound reproduction. JABRA has always followed its principle tightly where JABRA’s headphones are designed to be unrivaled durable to withstand the rigors of regular use. As shown in the video, JABRA REVO WIRELESS and JABRA REVO CORDED are durable and had passed cable, bend, fold and drop tests. With the purpose of stand for last without sabotage its style or sound quality.  JABRA REVO  are constructed solidly with steel hinges, aluminium frame and a shatter-proof headband for extreme flexibility.

Other than durability, JABRA REVO is also designed for comfortable wearing even for long hours. JABRA REVO’s padded headband and plush, memory foam ear cup provide supreme comfort to the users.

Sharing is caring. JABRA REVO lets you share your music with a friend using 3.5mm audio jack.


Jabra Revo Wireless Red Dot Award Winner 2013

Jabra Revo Wireless – Red Dot Award Winner 2013

Key features of JABRA REVO WIRELESS:-

  1. Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with most Bluetooth devices such as smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, MP3 players etc.
  2. Option for wired connection via 3.5mm audio cable (included in package) to connect to most devices with 3.5mm audio jack such as smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, MP3 players etc.
  3. Music sharing via 3.5mm audio jack built-in on the headset
  4. Pairing the headset to devices with NFC function is just a touch away
  5. 12 hours talk time and music playing time


JABRA REVO WIRELESS enables users to stream music from different sources such as smartphone, laptop, tablet, MP3 player or devices with Bluetooth connection. The streaming time for JABRA REVO WIRELESS is 12 hours which means the headset will sustains 12 hours for talk and music before the headset runs out of power.

JABRA REVO WIRELESS allows users to enjoy the freedom of a total Wireless experience when communicating and listening to music. It provides maximum mobility and the most superior user experience, be it at home, in the office or on the road. JABRA REVO WIRELESS is built-in with NFC. Near Field Communications (NFC) is an easy pairing functionality that connects two devices that are in close proximity to each other.

Jabra Revo Wireless - Foldable, Flexible, Durable

Jabra Revo Wireless – Foldable, Flexible, Durable

JABRA REVO WIRELESS also comes with a 3.5mm audio cable that allows the option to connect the headset to smartphones, tablet, PC and MAC using cable. With JABRA‘s exclusive Sound App, Dolby Digital Plus provides high-definition sound that brings JABRA REVO WIRELESS to life and adds extra depth and dimension to music where users can manage and customize their playlists and enjoy the high performance speaker. Its microphones with Noise Blackout have an aggressive noise filter coupled with two microphones utilizing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software to remove noise. Turntable Touch Controls enables users to manage calls and tracks easily. Just as JABRA said, users can get connected with friends wirelessly everywhere and at the same time enjoy the excellent Bluetooth connectivity and sound performance!

Retailing at RM1099. Find out more about its features and specs at MDC Gadget Store.


Jabra Revo Corded

Jabra Revo Corded


JABRA REVO CORDED brings a rich life to users with full-spectrum Dolby sound and convenient-features. With the new JABRA Sound App partnered with Dolby Digital Plus, users get to enjoy highest-quality audio experience when listening to music while on the move. JABRA REVO CORDED delivers incredible sound with added depth and dimension to fulfill users’ expectation through its reinforced cable. The Plug-in & Go feature provides users with full control to play and pause music, skip songs and take calls with ease by using in-line controls on the headset instead of searching around for their phones. JABRA REVO CORDED had passed drop, bend, fold and cable tests that prove the durability of the headset. JABRA REVO CORDED is designed to be solid, shatterproof and durable.

Jabra Revo Memory Foam Earcup

Jabra Revo Memory Foam Earcup


Jabra Revo Corded Reinforced Fabric Cable

Jabra Revo Corded – Reinforced Fabric Cable

Retailing at RM699. Find out more about its features and specs at MDC Gadget Store.


Jabra Vox - Comfortable Earbuds

Jabra Vox – Comfortable Earbuds

JABRA VOX, another innovative corded headset recently launched by JABRA, is dedicated for mobile users that yearns for excellent music performances and conversation while on the move. JABRA VOX is designed to be tangle-free with the Snaglt Magnets cable. JABRA VOX is constructed from premium materials and is durable to withstand regular use. The reinforced and tangle-free cables had passed the test to withstand 15kg of pull force. It is great news for all users that JABRA VOX is “grab and go”, making life much easier – no more spending time unwinding cables!

Jabra Vox - Tangle-Free Cable

Jabra Vox – Tangle-Free Cable

JABRA’s Sound App which is partnered with Dolby Digital Plus gives users an enhanced music experience.  The equalizer in the app allows users to tune the music to their preferred bass and frequency.  The app also allows users to manage and customize the playlist easily. JABRA has the expertise in producing audiphones (hearing aids) and hence it has incorporated the technique into the JABRA VOX. JABRA  VOX’s earbuds are comfortable to be worn for a long period of time as its sculpted design is based on cochlear structure.  On the other hand, JABRA VOX’s in-ear monitors give maximum space for powerful sound and strong bass for the “musicians”. JABRA VOX has an ultimate portability – its small size and tangle-free cable make it convenient to carry around. Keep it in your bag, your pocket, or wear it while moving around – with you with JABRA VOX! 

Jabra Vox - Lifestyle

Retailing at RM379. Find out more about JABRA VOX’s specifications and features at MDC Gadget Store.


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