Yoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank YB-665 15600mAh

21 May 2013
New Arrival

YOOBAO THUNDERBOLT POWERBANK comes with a huge capacity of 15,600mAh to cater to the need of heavy users of gadgets. With dual-output, Yoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time.  Another powerful product by Yoobao.


Input: DC 5V – 2000mA (fast charging)
Dual Output: 1000mA & 2000mA
Capacity: 15600mAh
Dimension: 212 x 140 x 35mm
Weight: 380g

Yoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank YB-665 15600mAh

Yoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank YB-665 15600mAh with dual output to charge 2 devices at the same time



YOOBAO hears you, the voices of impatient consumers who want everything fast :).  All powerbank models before Yoobao Thunderbolt consist of 1000mA to 15000mA input.  Some older powerbank models were only 600-800mA, sufficient for those days. The new Yoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank is built with a 2000mA input allows you to charge up the powerbank from empty to full in just *8 hours.

Yoobao Thunderbolt is compatible with most USB devices with 5V-1000A or 2000A devices.  The powerbank’s smaller output of 1000mA is fit for most smartphones, MP3, DC and PSP while 2000mA is fit for most tablets.

Yoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank YB-665 is has 1 micro USB input portcharge up the powerbank using micro-USB cable; and 2 USB outputscharge up your device with the USB cable + connectors compatible to your device.  You may also use the original USB cable that came with your smartphone/ tablet to charge your gadgets.

Yoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank 15600mAh YB665

Yoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank 15600mAh YB665
“Fast yet stable, powerful yet stylish”

Yoobao Thunderbolt powerbank is equipped with a 5-LED power indicator, telling you the remaining battery in the powerbank at one click-press of a button.  Hold the same button 2 seconds and you will see another Yoobao powerbank’s signature feature – the LED torch light – something you might not realise but surprisingly handy when you are searching in the dark or searching your Doraemon-pocket type of bag (^^,)   When the powerbank is in full power, the torchlight can last up to 780 hours!

Yoobao Powerbank Thunderbolt YB665 for Tablet and Smartphone

Yoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank YB665
Charge tablet and smartphone – 2 devices at the same time”

With its capacity of 15,600mAhYoobao Thunderbolt Powerbank YB-665 can charge an iPhone 4 up to 8 times under normal condition.  For a powerbank of its capacity, the size of Yoobao Thunderbolt is considerably compact with its stylish design – often mistaken as portable hard disk to some people.

GENUINE YOOBAO POWERBANK distributed by Mobile Dot Com Network Sdn Bhd comes with a 12-month warranty (one on one exchange).  The powerbank packaging bears a sticker with Mobile Dot Com Network Sdn Bhd name.  The powerbank device itself is embossed with Mobile Dot Com’s logo.  Learn more on how to identify genuine Yoobao powerbank.

For GENUINE YOOBAO POWERBANK, visit Mobile Dot Com’s authorised partners or MDC Gadget Store.

Be a smart consumer, insist for GENUINE!



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